Cantilever sliding gates

Cantilever sliding gates manufactured at Grażka Konstrukcje Stalowe are reliable with more than a dozen standard dimensions and several standard fillings.

The available standard dimensions are 3 heights: 1.12m, 1.42m and 1.72m; and 5 widths: 4m, 5m, 6m, 6.7m and 7.5m.

We offer:

  • gates without filling to be filled by the customer (so-called “frames”)

or filled gates with:

  • 3D panel grid, galvanized or in graphite – the most common choice for industrial facilities;
  • horizontal 32cm- or 34cm-wide strips of 1mm sheet metal with a clearance of about 3cm –gates with good coverage and a designer look for those who want to protect their privacy;
  • palisade – horizontal or vertical profiles 80x20x1.5mm with a clearance of about 6cm – one of the most fashionable designs of the last decade;
  • and finally, blinds – horizontal 80x20mm sections welded at an angle with a clearance of about 5cm – this is our most expensive product, but it’s often chosen by customers;

Fence elements

Walk gate

Apart from gates, we also offer walk gates with the same sizes of fillings as gates (frames, 3D grid, strips of sheet metal, palisade, blinds). The standard dimensions of the gate are 91cm in width and the same height as gates, that is, 1.12m, 1.42m and 1.72m. This width requires the fitter to leave 102cm-width opening between the posts to install the walk gate, which means an installation clearance of 5cm (+/- 1cm) on each side. The walk gate price includes the handle, lock (without an insert), hinges and cases.


The price of the gate includes 2 posts. The price of the walk gate does not include posts – these walk gate posts can be purchased separately depending on your needs – if the walk gate is next to the gate, one post can be used for both, and the other post should be purchased. If the walk gate will be installed separately, 2 posts should be purchased. If you have brick posts, you do not need to buy additional posts. Note that all the posts in our offer have a base mounting plate with four holes prepared for mounting with screws.


We also offer accessories such as: 5- or 8-wheel trolley assembly kits that include 2 trolleys, upper roller, lower roller, track and gate limit stop. 5-wheel trolleys are dedicated to 4m, 5m and 6m gates, and 8-wheel trolleys to 6,7m and 7,5m.

Gate automation systems

We also sell sliding gate automation systems by Beninca. We focused on the 2 flagship models of Beninca KBULL 05 up to 500kg and Beninca KBULL 08 up to 800kg. This Italian company has specialized in the production of motors for more than 40 years. The motors are manufactured in a factory in Italy, not China. There is a 2-year warranty on Beninca motors based on the proof of purchase.

We also offer metal or nylon gear track for the motors. The latter is more expensive but also quieter. For the motor, in addition to the strip, you can buy additional remote controls, and even an LED lamp, signaling the opening and closing of the gate with a built-in signal amplifier.

Individual orders

At the customer request, we produce customized gates from 3 to 9m wide and up to 2m high, as well as walk gates of the dimensions chosen by the customer. We also produce customized fence spans similar in the style to our gates as needed by the clients for their fences.

Please note that we mass produce standard gates, therefore, they are at much lower prices compared to the gates with customized dimensions. Thanks to mass production, we can offer you some of the best prices in the country.

Jesteśmy PRODUCENTEM – oferujemy solidne bramy w konkurencyjnych cenach.


We transport gates up to 7.5m in span with 2.5m counterweight, that is, with a total length of 10m, throughout the country. Customers are obliged to collect gates longer than 7.5m by themselves.


Payment for gates from the standard offer is made in cash or by card to the driver on delivery. At the customer’s request, it is possible to make a prepayment by bank transfer (made so that the money for the gate would be in the account at the time of unloading). In the case of orders for other dimensions than standard or orders for spans, we charge an advance payment of 50% of the order value.

A wide range of products

A wide variety of sizes and designs allows many customers to find just the right sliding gate from our standard offer at the best price. Both business owners who wish to fence their companies and owners of private properties looking for a fence that will ensure safety and comfort of use will find their fence with us.